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There are many ideas for renovation and redesign, and everyone can add something from them. It is not worth to throw away old dressers, beds or chairs. Often you can make something interesting out of them yourself.

Used armchairs, for example, can be returned to the workshop, where the upholstery will cover them with a new upholstery. Other wooden furniture Kooku piet hein eek can also be renovated, as a result of which they will look even better than originally. You can also take on renewing yourself. Thanks to the sanding and painting, wooden piet hein eek chairs will look like new, and combining them, for example, into one seat, we get a comfortable and original garden bench. An old couch with an unfavorable folding mechanism will also be able to gain new life as a garden furniture.

However, not only wooden furniture is suitable for re-use. The redesign is often associated with several decades of furniture, which after refreshing go to contemporary interiors. Meanwhile, the most original effects will be obtained when we add new functionalities to the old items. A perfect example and at the same time a redesign icon is an armchair made of an open suitcase. Following the example of professional designers, we can also let our imagination run wild. The old, unused cups should be turned into garden pots, the bucket is supplemented with a soft seat in the stool, and the wheels from the bicycles on the tables.

Furniture made from recycled materials is a trend promoted by many designers. Pietheineek furniture made of wooden and metal waste, bottles, cardboard and other materials enter the interior of various interiors. If we like this fashion, then there is no obstacle to take up the challenge and check yourself as the designer of your own pietheineek furniture.

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