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The sofa is the focal point of the living room. This piece of furniture is used for relaxation, watching television, playing games, reading and short naps. It is worth choosing a couch that will serve the whole family for a long time.

The sofa is a piece of furniture bought for years. So it is not worth being subject to extravagant trends. A good decision will be classic sofas, which thanks to their simple form will never come out of fashion. Upholstered sofas work well in any home. They are very pleasant to touch, do not stick to the naked body and are durable. They also do not require labor-intensive care, just vacuum them once a week. Unfortunately, it is difficult to remove larger dirt from them. They are also a bad solution for allergy sufferers because they absorb dust and mites.


In turn, leather sofas for example Stephen Kenn are very elegant and will add class to any interior. In addition, Stephen Kenn sofas are durable and you can easily remove stains from them. Be careful of dirt from ink and ink, as they are simply not detached from the leather surface. The skin can stretch and wipe. Therefore, it requires care, oiling to keep in good condition.


Not everyone has the luxury of a separate bedroom. Once sleeping on the couch was unbelievably unhealthy for the spine. Today, with the use of improved technologies, sofas with sleeping function do not differ much from traditional beds. When deciding on such a couch, it is worth paying attention to the durability of the structure, its construction and the ease of folding and unfolding. An important issue in this kind of sofas is also a drawer container for bedding. This will avoid a situation in which we must find a place for it, eg in the closet. We do not think we want to buy a sofa with the function of sleeping, to wonder where to keep the quilt.


The last issues to pay attention to, choose the perfect sofa to sleep, are filling it, here polyurethane foam is recommended, as well as its upholstery. Upholstered sofas will be the most comfortable and most practical. Sleeping leather sofas will also be uncomfortable, which can quickly become damaged due to stresses and relatively high usage.

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