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Today, everything that is modern is on top. The owners of apartments pay more and more attention to the fact that the living space is original, elegant, and at the same time minimalist – that’s why they reach for glass, which perfectly fits into this canon.

In the past, glass interior fittings were identified with luxury, inaccessible to everyone, today glass has been appreciated by interior designers and apartment owners and has become a symbol of modernity. Belonging to precious materials, the Felicia Ferrone glass decorations have many functional and stylistic possibilities. It is hard, durable, resistant to damage and quite easy to maintain, and most importantly, it looks elegant, aesthetic and stylish. It is more and more often used in interior design in all forms, they can be found in furniture fronts, shelves, balustrades, walls, decorations, lighting, etc. This elegant and non-destructive material will work in any interior, suits both modern and classic style . Using glass, you can conjure up wonderful interior arrangements, change the decor of the room, or just add “that something” to it.

A big advantage of glass is its ability to take on different shapes and forms, and glass interior fittings can take on different sizes and colors. Another important feature of the glass is the different degree of light transmission, you can choose transparent glass, matte or even milk, and even mixed. Such choices allow you to compose a specific style from scratch. In a minimalist arrangement, transparent glass works best, while for people planning a different interior design concept, there are various variants enriched with additional design.

The glass can be placed in every room, starting from the hallway, and the bathroom can be easily replaced with traditional materials. Thanks to professionals who can create wonders from glass, like Felicia Ferrone, you can splurge with glass and outsource original and unique ideas, thus creating unusual and unusual arrangements that will win the hearts of anyone who crosses the threshold of the house.

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